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Published on August 28, 2017

NEW “micro PBN” ranking strategy
Revealed: NEW “micro PBN” ranking secrets
Have you heard of the NEW “micro PBNs”
You’ve been LIED to about PBN’s

Hello Follow Marketers,

Have you heard the latest HOT news?

PBN’s are BACK – and in a BIG way!

However, to be clear, they’ve never gone
away, they’ve just changed and adapted
over the years.

See, the smart marketers realized that
Google will always be the KING of delivering
FREE, targeted, BUYER traffic.

So instead of moving on to the latest
and greatest tactic, they just continue
to slightly adjust their strategy and keep
on dominating with free traffic.

And with ALL the changes that have happened,
one thing has remained a PROVEN constant.

It’s PBN Syndication. (private blog networks)

PBN’s are still one of the MOST powerful
syndication strategies for ranking on
page 1 of Google, FAST!

But TODAY they’re being used in a TOTALLY
different way.

In fact, most marketers nowadays are using what
are called “micro PBNs” to dominate the first
page of the search engines.

You’d be surprised how much firepower you get
with a small 5-10 site PBN.

Gone are the days of having to have a MONSTER
50-100 site PBN.

And GONE are the days of having to build, manage
and leverage Ranking Secrets – PBN Builder Silver!

Doing it manually is just WAYY too complicated
and time consuming – and NO ONE should have to
do it like that.

All of that changes TODAY!

A couple of genius marketers have created a new
web-app that allows ANYONE, regardless of experience
to leverage the power of PBN Syndication in a
simple, step-by-step format.

They’ve leveled the playing field and put the
most POWERFUL ranking strategy at the fingertips

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Dominating Page 1 of the search engines with
PBN Builder is as easy as following 3 simple

Step 1: Connect your PBN sites and your
money sites and/or videos

Step 2: Tell PBN Builder which of your
money sites or videos you want to get

Step 3: Set up your syndication schedule or
have your syndication start right away.

And then you just sit back and watch your rankings
soar by leveraging the power of automatic PBN Syndication.

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To Your Success


P.S. Getting FAST rankings and traffic

from Google just got a WHOLE lot easier
and a LOT more automated 🙂

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