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Published on February 2, 2016

Home Business Success : Entrepreneur’s Affirmations (Audio plus Subliminal Messages)

Learn how to act in a positive way to situations and accept the things that I cannot change. How to recognize that all those opportunities help me to succeed. Discover how to develop my mind to become a powerful magnet for successful ideas. Motivation For Business Success.

Home Business Success : It’s tough at times going it alone as an entrepreneur or home base business. Therefore, I need to make these affirmations to help you continue to believe in yourself. To better get through your darker days. You are talented. You are gifted. You ARE worthwhile! It’s best to listen to, with headphones. Affirmations used: I act in a positive way to situations the things that I cannot change, I will accept. As a result everything around me will be perfect. My thoughts that come to me are positive in nature. Great opportunities come my way. I recognize that all those opportunities help me to succeed.

I am open to success success is in me.

Because, my mind is a powerful magnet for successful ideas. I’ am successful because I know what I want and I go for it. Today, I define success my way and I create it. Today, I’m a profitable creator of successful ideas. Today, I am now on the royal road to success. I resolve all problems with ease. I make decisions with confidence and ease. I choose wisely My mind is agile I am a true entrepreneur. I always seek for new ideas I recognise great opportunities. I act on my decisions and I find the best way to capitalize my passions so, I learn, learn learn I analyze risk wisely.

Because, I love being my own boss it’s very exciting taking-on new ventures.

And I am successful. When you understand, that you can make something happen you find the motivation. I am ready for anything and I am ready for new challenges. Today, I seek to enjoy what I do I have super energy. My reward for my efforts is I always finish what I start and I obtain success every time. First of all, because, I feel energized, I am successful and I am a winner. All this is possible because, in my life I make my life as I want it to be. Today, I believe in myself 100%. I am strong willed I always find the answers I’m looking for. I network with many people I believe in my goals and I am in control, because, I create my future reality.

Because, I am comfortable taking risks and also, I am persistent. I attract success because, it feels good to reach my goals. I create music and meditations sessions, because it will to help you live in the present moment and become mindful.

Even if only for five minutes each day.

Furtheremore, using my relaxing music on my channel, (which is a selection from various new age artists world-wide) will help you to relax deeply, sleep, or reach tranquil states in your meditation practice. Take time each day to listen to the visualization guide, meditation music with which you can reflect and meditate. Meditation, like anything, takes time. ~ Come to the edge, he said. They said, “We are afraid.” Come to the edge, He said. They came. He pushed them. And they flew! ~Guillaume Apollinaire. This happens to be one of my favorite quotations and because, I do my best to live by this. We can take the leap of faith in our lives by trusting that we are safe beyond measure.

First of all, develop trust … 

Because, it is important for us to have a calm mind and to keep focus . Therefore, the best way to the other side, is through deep meditation. Therefore, my main mission here on Youtube is to spread love and peace to the masses. And also, most noteworthy, doing it through gentle, healing music, positive uplifting affirmations to guide you through peaceful meditations. Most of all, I hope that you will enjoy your experience on my channel. Therefore, most of all of the music I select is music from various ambient. And also, the new age artists across the world that inspire me, to relax. Furthrmore, that I personally also use for reflection or meditation.

What, you can expect is …

First of all, you can expect to hear gentle sounds of the piano, peaceful guitar, binaural beats, isochronic tones, yoga music. Music to meditate to, study or concentration music, and  music with positive affirmations. And also, reflective music, healing music, Buddhist and Tibetan tones, singing bowls, and more.

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Most of all, thank you for taking the time out to relax, rejuvenate and cherish your mind, body and spirit. You deserve this!