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Published on August 31, 2017

Outgrow – Lead Generation – Your new lead gen arsenal is here!


Did you know that NY Times most popular story is not an article but a calculator! Or that 7 of the 20 most shared articles on Buzzfeed are quizzes!

It’s not really that surprising anymore given that today’s customers demand personalization and instant gratification! Long ebooks & blog posts are just not enough anymore. Your marketing strategy needs a booster shot of interactive content.

And this is where Outgrow comes in!

Outgrow is a growth marketing platform focused on increasing customer engagement and boosting demand generation through highly converting calculators & viral quizzes.

You can build tools ranging from highly converting interactive calculators that calculate costs, savings, RoI & risk to quizzes and recommendation tools that are viral and bring in new referral traffic.

Calculators and quizzes are interactive, give personalized output, provide instant gratification for users, and boy can they go viral!

So Outgrow supports:

  • Numerical calculators – Ex: “How much will it cost me to build a mobile app?”
  • Recommendation Engines & Outcome quizzes – Ex: “Should I build an app or a website first?”
  • Graded quizzes – Ex: “Find out how much you know about running a webinar!”

So why should you be using these awesome calculators?
  • Calculators and quizzes convert leads. Like crazy. Period.
  • Did we mention that these things go viral? New York Times most viewed story & 7 of Buzzfeed’s top 20 most shared content pieces were calculators!
  • They raise your website’s game. Makes it so much more interactive & personalized.
  • They help build a solid relationship between you and the customer by answering the customer’s most pressing questions.

Unlike the competition, Outgrow will not steal all of your time. Calculators can be customized and built in less than 20 mins!

Check out this calculator I made in just 10 mins! (Made up numbers – don’t actually use to calculate your startup costs.) Calculators & quizzes can be published on unlimited sites and/or social media platforms.You never have to worry about design, layout, colors and optimization. All you need to worry about is writing the questions. That’s all. Oh, and you can of course export all the leads you collect to your favorite marketing tool using Zapier or Native integrations!